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Энэхүү орон зайг Монголын ижил хүйстэн эмэгтэйчүүд, гей, транс хүмүүс болон бидний найз нөхөд, бидний эрхийг дэмжигч хүмүүст зориулан ажиллуулж эхэллээ. Бие биеэ хүндэтгэн үзэл бодлоо хуваалцана уу. Space for Mongolian lesbian, gay and transgendered folks and our friends and supporters. Respect respective differences!


Guestbook @ Ardice experiencing problems

It's unfortunate to announce that the Mongoldyke guestbook hosted at the Ardice has been experiencing server errors. In case the guestbook with its entries is still intact after this problem is over, we shall make the guestbook available again at the Mongoldyke site.


PS: Many thanx to the girls who dropped by to leave their messages on the guestbook! Yay!!! We thrive!

PPS: Thanx to people who commented on the website contents, am working on changes!


At 11:19 PM, Blogger Webdyke said...

Ardice has gone and now we have a new guestbook as well as a discussion group at Google.


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