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Энэхүү орон зайг Монголын ижил хүйстэн эмэгтэйчүүд, гей, транс хүмүүс болон бидний найз нөхөд, бидний эрхийг дэмжигч хүмүүст зориулан ажиллуулж эхэллээ. Бие биеэ хүндэтгэн үзэл бодлоо хуваалцана уу. Space for Mongolian lesbian, gay and transgendered folks and our friends and supporters. Respect respective differences!


From Queermongolian

Hey i think u guys should check this website out
www.mongoldyke.org.mn MONGOLDYKE ROCKS!!!
i think this is really helpful website how people accept homosexuality in Mongolia.
I was watching this TV show called YAHUU(it is a little tacky) talk show on www.ubs.mn i believe it is aired on 6.17.05 and they were talking about homosexuality in Mongolia.From my point of view people there @ talk show seemed like really SUPPORTIVE except for that Hostess of that show sounded so homophobic!!!
And i tot it was pretty interesting so check it out!

COME OUT AND COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry i this was supposed to be an email to that mglb @ yahoo group:)

3:31 PM


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