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Энэхүү орон зайг Монголын ижил хүйстэн эмэгтэйчүүд, гей, транс хүмүүс болон бидний найз нөхөд, бидний эрхийг дэмжигч хүмүүст зориулан ажиллуулж эхэллээ. Бие биеэ хүндэтгэн үзэл бодлоо хуваалцана уу. Space for Mongolian lesbian, gay and transgendered folks and our friends and supporters. Respect respective differences!


From Anonymous

Sain baitsgaana uu !! Mongoliin queer gay & lesbian site-d neegdej hogjij baigaa yabtsad minii bie beer ch mash ih bayartai baina.

Bid ingesneer gay & lesbian gesen uzel bodoliig humuust ali bolox unen zovoor medeellex uureg huleej baih shig baina. Ta buhendee amjilt husye Mon ta buhendee bayrlaj baina.

4:35 PM

From Anonymous

sain baina uu ?
bayar khurgeye , bayarlalaa, bainga bayar bayasgalantaigaar chamaig bolon busdiig chini demjikh bolno .
bi bol gay khun ,ijil khuisten khun , oorooroo bakharkhdag , tiimee bid bol mash engiin bogood ovormotsh , khunii niigemiin buteel yum, bidniig , oilgokhgui , medekhgui , buruu dutuu yarij baigaa khen negniig unshaach , medreech , nudeee neegeech gemeer baina.
Setgel mini khodlood khelekh gej baisan tsookhon ug mini ,garch ogdoggui yamarch baisan , mongold gay , lesbian, bisexual, transgender, olon niitiin toloolol buren togs togoldoroor, ooriin khureeleldee uilchilj chadaj baigaad bayartai baina, enekhuu solution , uil yavts,ekhlel , ornol orshiliig , buteesen , brothers, sisters whoever bugded ni gerel gegeetei , mendiig als kholiin americaas khurgej baina.

7:15 AM

From Queermongolian

Hey i think u guys should check this website out
www.mongoldyke.org.mn MONGOLDYKE ROCKS!!!
i think this is really helpful website how people accept homosexuality in Mongolia.
I was watching this TV show called YAHUU(it is a little tacky) talk show on www.ubs.mn i believe it is aired on 6.17.05 and they were talking about homosexuality in Mongolia.From my point of view people there @ talk show seemed like really SUPPORTIVE except for that Hostess of that show sounded so homophobic!!!
And i tot it was pretty interesting so check it out!

COME OUT AND COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry i this was supposed to be an email to that mglb @ yahoo group:)

3:31 PM

From FireButch

Despite my pounding headache, read your comments on united front Mongolian LGBT and just had to add my dime. All through the 1960s when the Gay Liberation Movement started in the West, the most important efforts for the betterment of the LGBT community were always initiated by lesbian groups, joined later by gay groups. All the progress in the West in terms of LGBT rights could not and would not have happened if there were no such united movements. Do you, Mongolian dyke or gay guy, wanna live in a society that recognizes your sexual orientation and deems it as valid as heterosexual and grants you the right to marry your same-sex partner (like in Belgium, Spain, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Norway)? Do you wanna be able to adopt children or have access to artificial insemination? Do you wanna live free of fear of persecution? Do you, Mongolian dyke or gay guy, wanna hold hands in public with your lover, kiss your lover and show other signs of affection and love for that one someone who means the world to you?..... Of course yes-yes-yes-yes!!! Right?! Then, fucking get off your fat asses and start doing something about making it happen! Don't fucking sit there and wait till the world changes, the world doesn't change on its own, you need to give it a kick in the gut, a slap in the face, a thrash on the head to make it change! Sorry for verbal violence, but this is exactly what I feel like doing to the LGBT people in Mongolia (we the ones outside are at least OUT) when I see that LGBT people in other countries had been in the same situation as us only couple of decades or years ago, but who have found courage to stand up and say "Yes, we are gay! Now, we want our rights!" and who were granted rights, while Mongolian homosexual people and friends of mine just lurk in their fucking stinky closets and whine, just sit in there and whine!!!! Do you think one day god sent a genial idea to the presidents of those countries to pass laws allowing homosexual marriages?! Do you think one day prime ministers of those countries woke up and decided "OK, I feel gay today! Let's pass the law allowing parental rights for gay people!" WRONG! LGBT people in those countries had to FIGHT to get the rights they have now. And it's time we started raising our voice and stating our case as well. Absolutely agree with you, Webdyke, united movement is what needed in Mongolia! SO FUCKING WAKE UP, YOU MISERABLE DUDES AND DUDETTES STUCK IN YOUR CLOSETS, AND GET OUT THERE!!!!!!!! My fucking head is hurting real bad... Ok, anyway.... I said what I had to say.

3:17 AM


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PS: Many thanx to the girls who dropped by to leave their messages on the guestbook! Yay!!! We thrive!

PPS: Thanx to people who commented on the website contents, am working on changes!

Welcome to Queer Mongol!

I'm a strong believer that the Mongolian LGBT community as a whole needs not only visibility for the public acceptance of our identities, but also unity within itself – unity within the lesbians as well as unity of lesbian group(s) with other queer groups and non-governmental organizations in Mongolia. Since 1999 advent of the LGBT grassroots organizing through the milestone Tavilan Org, there had been a few sporadic efforts to provide services and information targeting the entire LGBT community, one of the first and last ones, perhaps, the Tavilan LGBT hotline that operated between November 2000 to February 2001, on which I had the privilege to work with other comrades-in-arm, B. and Z., my gay male friends, who since have gone onto other engagements in life, but one of whom is still involved in the gay male community organizing informally. Another officially registered Mongolian non-governmental organization, Youth for Health, has been functioning since May 2003, primarily targeting gay men and MSM's sexual health. It is very sad to see and recognize the fact that since Tavilan, there had been no united LGBT rights oriented officially registered NGO, if one discounts the community group MILC. The brief rise and fall of the Mongolian Lesbian Information and Community Center (MILC) in 2004 has seen enormous ambition on the part of the founding members in its goals aimed at providing safe space, comprehensive library, bilingual website, documentation of Mongolian LGBT situation, archiving of oral history and campaign for the LGBT human rights and civil liberties in Mongolia through printed and electronic means. However, the community group's funding ran out after eight months and due to absence of committed lesbians to carry on the cause that is directly related to our lives as gay people in Mongolia on the whole, the MILC now remains as a virtual NGO/community space through the mongoldyke website and its mailing list. Had MILC been able to sustain its physical activities, the Center would have continued the worthy cause of united Mongolian Queer Movement that was initiated by Tavilan in 1999. Most certainly, Tavilan in 1999, Youth for Health in 2003 and MILC in 2004 all constitute turning points in gay history of Mongolia and milestone efforts to begin writing gay chronicles. However, as I said before, as a queer community, we still need to realize the political importance of cooperation with various segments within our own very various, queer community(ies), whereupon we shall be able to fight for our dignity and acceptance in Mongolia in one strong, unwavering voice. This is a blog created by me, Webdyke/O.N.A., for all queer identified Mongolians to enable each and everyone of us to have a say in determining what's important to us as a whole, what we need to do now and in future to gain our visibility, dignified and fearless existence in Mongolia, where our challenges, weaknesses and strengths lie, what our concerns, both personal and political, are, where our hearts and dreams are. It is time some of us, who pretend to be apolitical, but who, in fact, are into petty personal delusions of megalomania and power play, got a life and saw the truth: we, as Mongolian LGBT, can bring about much needed change in society only through united action and agenda! I hope other queer folks of Mongolia do join this effort to create the first community blog and post their opinions, events, announcements, etc. Welcome home, welcome to your own queer space!